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  • liu yi flooring business does not enter the top organize and joint; learn to obtain long-term benefits from the building; deepen enterprise innovation; strengthen human capital accumulation and investment; Subdivided.Moderator: some time ago and floor boss chat, are talking about the floor industry product homogeneity. PVC Soft Board Decking for Boats There is a saying that if the flooring business does not enter the top three, is a dead end, you can not talk about the understanding of this view. Wu Wei: not into the top three is a dead end of this statement is too one-sided, it is easy to mislead the enterprise's investment and decision-making direction. I think the domestic flooring industry, including other industries there is such a misunderstanding: that with the scale, you can quickly develop, it will not die. As a result, we will continue to increase the venue, increase equipment, structure, upstream resources, have to become China's largest floor manufacturers. In fact, big and not big, not the enterprise investment, PVC Flooring Cleaning And Maintenance large scale will be able to develop well, you can when the leadership of enterprises. Determine the size of the enterprise and whether it is a leadership-oriented enterprises, not their own decision, but by the consumer the final say. Consumers are the only rulers who decide to grow rapidly. As a wood flooring business, first of all should be rational to face the development direction of the industry, and in the future direction of development with their own resources, to establish their own role in the minds of consumers is the most critical. I think the wood flooring industry in the existing competitive landscape only three types of enterprises to survive, and continue to develop. In each of these three categories of business, The Basics of PVC Composite Flooring only the first three can survive well, rather than in the whole industry to do the first three to survive. The first category of enterprises is relying on large-scale enterprises based on efficiency, in this type of business only into the top three, to survive well; the second category is to rely on the artificial flower manufacturers sri lanla wood pallet fence instructions and plans lowes 8 ft vinyl fences and gates
    July 31