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  • qzz 10011 Impact of weather on the floor Due to the nature of the reasons wood, solid wood flooring always change with ambient temperature and humidity expansion or contraction of the change, if we are not able to control the expansion and contraction of the floor good changes, there will be deformation of the floor, bagging and other people headache. Especially in the summer, the probability of problems will be higher floor, which requires the floor to the floor of the user to select and conservation must be doubly hard. outdoor wall panel When the indoor humidity at 50% - 70%, is the most appropriate body humidity range, but also the most suitable wood floor coverings humidity. Only indoor humidity control in this context, in order to ensure a relatively stable solid wood flooring original characteristics. For this reason when the humidity indicator more than 70%, we should maintain good indoor ventilation or air conditioning to lower room and open floor humidity; when the humidity is below 50%, it is necessary to use not dripping wet rag repeatedly wetting the floor. Of course, control indoor air humidity is only a part of floor maintenance, but it is a very important aspect, because a lot of problems after the non-human factors caused by floor coverings associated. Inexpensive outdoor floor As the saying goes "one-third floor, seven maintenance", although Dekor flooring, natural flooring, Shun floor by floor and a series of updates in technology to overcome many of the shortcomings of the floor installation and maintenance aspects of generation, however, even the best the floor can not completely overcome the natural characteristics of the wood, and only pay attention to scientific and reasonable care to ensure that the process in the floor using the floor quality and stability. wood-plastic composite decking
    August 9, 2016