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  • liu yi flooring imported from some countries departments to contact the countervailing and then investigate the government departments to investigate the questionnaire. High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider The US International Trade Commission has initially considered imposing punitive tariffs on hardwood and flooring imported from some countries into the United States, including wood products from Canada. According to the US Orleans wood products manufacturers complained to the International Trade Commission, in recent years, from China and other countries, a large number of hardwood flooring, low prices, only half of the local price, making the local enterprises simply can not compete, had to withdraw from the market, by This is damaged. US government statistics, said in 2001 China's hardwood flooring to the United States exports only 52 million US dollars, and in 2006 has reached 925 million US dollars. Composite Decking VS Wood Decking The United States expressed concern about the rapid increase in Chinese hardwood products in the short term and decided to take anti-dumping measures. At present, the US International Trade Commission is investigating this case, according to the impact of competitive factors, such as raw materials, illegal logging, environmental policy and government policy measures such as ruling. The US International Trade Commission will hold a hearing on September 13 to report the results to the Senate Finance Committee in June 2008. Canada exported $ 193 million to similar products in the United States in 2006. Canada said that if the United States on the hardwood and composite flooring anti-dumping duties, How to Build Wood Plastic Fence Canadian companies will be affected. At the end of 2006 the United States and Canada reached a cork trade agreement, excluding hardwood and composite flooring. Other countries that export hardwood and flooring to the United States also include Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. Canada's hardwood flooring manufacturing industry continues to expand with the wpc accessory manufacturer commercial plaza eco-wood ceiling thermo lite marine flooring
    September 4, 2017