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  • happywork happy Solid wood flooring attempt First, the appearance quality of the parquet [url=]build a deck floor for a gazebo[/url] floor to observe the surface: 1, surface gloss paint brush, paint film fullness even if, with or without needle granular, with or without indentation, planing marks. 2, surface material for visible defects. Floor surface should not have decayed, dead knots, knotholes, wormholes, cracks, and other defects leather folder.   3, floor surrounding tenon groove intact. Second, the product meets the dimensional tolerances to claim 1, product specifications dimensional tolerances length, width, thickness and whether the same product introduction; 2, splicing products are tight and flat. By sampling multiple [url=]yale elevator wall panel adjustment[/url] floors, on a flat surface or ground glass assembly, watch their combined tightness, and whether its surface smooth touch. Third, the inherent quality of the intrinsic quality of the [url=]comfort veneer deck material in Austria[/url] floor is a key indicator of a variety of wood flooring, but it is difficult to determine the direct sense, must pass through the detection means, therefore, we must watch his test report, which reads as follows: 1, China has formaldehyde emission regulations in public places air formaldehyde concentration should not exceed 0.12mg / m3 ;, as in the process of laying, already smell the more pungent smell of formaldehyde, formaldehyde concentration in the air has been exceeded. Determination of the concentration of formaldehyde products, China is the main perforated extraction. The resulting "piercing" represents 100g of product, the amount of formaldehyde containing releasable. If the "perforation Road" in 9mg / 100g or less, able to achieve the concentration of formaldehyde standard national environmental regulations.   If 30mg / 100g or less, generally reach B class technical standards. 2, moisture content moisture content usually reaches about 12% of the basic qualification (different regions, different water content standards). 3, gluing performance [url=]need import wood plastic composite[/url] flooring adhesives are used when manufacturing finishing pressing at the plate surface, so glued directly affect the results and the quality of life. Gluing quality may reflect the quality of the adoption of two properties namely impregnation stripping and bonding strength. These two indicators will be measured on the same test specimen after the water has a temperature treatment, impregnation peel values ​​as low as possible, the higher the value, the better the bonding strength.
    August 18, 2016