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distributing this brand decks

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    December 14, 2016 6:14 PM PST

    Ability to work independently; Good human relations; Good team spirit indoor plastic fences in singapore . 2, from the perspective of customers: looks clean and tidy; Be polite; Have patience; Friendly, kind, warm; Sincerely services; Disambiguation answered questions; Concerned about the interests of customers, opinions and requirements.

    A, promote brand 1, through the terminal, and stores and consumers propaganda enterprise image of the brand products composite fence to purchase direct from company , improve the brand awareness. 2, the terminal and store distributing this brand of various promotional materials and promotional items.

    Product sales, use a variety of sales, and service skills, improve the consumers' desire to buy, to achieve the company's products sales. terminal maintenance repair and maintenance of terminal and stores, product display and maintenance materials wooden plastic fencing , standard and maintain the cleanliness of the product and the terminal image display.