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lumber of city

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    December 6, 2016 6:45 PM PST

    In June 27-29 day, guild of lumber of city of Home Zhang harbor hand in hand Tao Tao says wood attends this international timber industry exhibits Cixiwa,materials needed to install composite siding developed market of lumber of Home Zhang harbor for person of global timber industry. This 60% it is the foreign country postpones business, the specification suffers the effect of the whole world and Chinese economy, foreign supplier also feels pressure, will actively to China seek downstream businessman.

    These a few years, although Euramerican material is in in contemporary household, be loved numerously by Chinese civilian, but because be reached the influence of decorative wall panel suppliers Chinese traditional culture by raw material price, the progress that Euramerican material is in China is apparent won't plain sailing.

    The closest a week, gross of library of discrepancy of haven of Home Zhang harbor keeps smooth, without too apparent wave motion. Say wood according to Tao Deck Build Materials Tao market research member understanding, the main material of delivery of cargo from storage is planted Tang Mu, Qi Mu, Solomon miscellaneous wood, Lan benevolence is waited a moment.