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imports deal plank

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    December 5, 2016 6:27 PM PST

    2016 1-5 month, our country imports deal plank (Bai Song, camphor tree child loose, deciduous leaf pine, southern pine, radiation pine, Hua Qisong) 8.25 million stere, composite decking reports grow 17% than last year, achieve nearly 5 years to come the corresponding period is the greatest amplitude.

    Look from breed, bai Song (dragon spruce, fir) accumulate an entrance 3.33 million stere, grow 9% than last year; Korean pine (camphor tree child loose, Eco decking tiles for Commercial Plaza Japanese red pine) 2.96 million, grow 26% ; Other deal (deciduous leaf pine, southern pine) 1.43 million, grow 17% ; Radiation is loose 440 thousand, grow 4% ; Hua Qisong 80 thousand stere, drop 1% ; Korean pine growth is swift and violent!

    Spend from national dimension in light of, 1-5 month grows 32% from Russia entrance, achieve 4.3 million stere; Import from Canada 2.31 million, drop 3% ; Deck Build Materials Import 410 thousand stere from Finland, relatively grew 72% last year; From Sweden import volume rises 33% , achieve 280 thousand stere; Import from Chile 280 thousand, decrease than last year 2% .