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concept of custom flooring

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    November 23, 2016 7:44 PM PST

    companies should identify themselves Of the market position, so special, so refined and then change may not be a bad thing. In the consumer market, we should understand the relationship between innovation and selling hot spots, such as the World Friends of titanium crystal face is a selling point, but not consumption hot spots, each market a consumer hot spots may be only a few models in 2009, 

    Natural launch of the concept of custom flooring, although in practice there are many problems, but I believe that at least nature dare to be first, clearly see the future of 80 and 90 people personalized consumer advocates, and the market is still not possible to form A certain degree of production and sales behavior, the nature of the product made on the advertising appeal can focus on the "self-confidence" in the field,

     because only those larger, more mature product line brand enterprises can spend a lot of manpower and resources Put forward the "build" concept. Therefore, this can be used as a selling point, but not as a sales hot spot. Several patterns, a few wood species,

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