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The PS4 1.70 buy swtor credits update

  • January 21, 2016 11:17 PM PST

    The PS4 1.70 buy swtor credits update--Sony's bigger firmware absolution aback the console's barrage endure November--is now attainable to download.Alongside the avant-garde abundant features, Sony has aswell snuck in the adeptness to change the accuracy of the DualShock 4 ablaze bar: you can now set it best place to buy swtor credits to bright, medium, or dim from the settings menu. The touchpad, too, can now be acclimated to zip about the on-screen keyboard.


    This arrives alongside video alteration accessory SHAREfactory, the advantage to attenuate HDCP for games, new PlayStation Camera commands, added broadcasting resolution and archiving support, and the adeptness to preload abecedarian purchased digitally. Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is said to be one of the aboriginal abecedarian to abutment preloading, admitting Sony has not acutely arise any titles that will abutment the new feature. Elsewhere, Sony has aswell arise the Vita 3.15 update, which makes it easier to affix to a PS4 for Remote Play antics, and adapted the adaptable PlayStation app.Sony arise beforehand this ages that all-around PlayStation 4 sales are now over seven million, so if anybody decides to amend their PS4 today that's probably… a few abecedarian gigabytes of bandwidth, I'd imagine.