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BlackBerry: An Insight in its Past

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    July 12, 2018 5:47 AM PDT

    Smartphones are all over us and most of us can’t think a life without them. But they were not like that at the start of the 21st century. In fact, the smartphones we know were revolutionized by Apple and later Samsung. But a firm named BlackBerry made all the difference in the year 2002 and by incorporating a little QWERTY keyboard in its phone, started what we know use as smartphones. In this blog, I’ll try to offer you some insight about BlackBerry and what’s their future in the smartphone market.

    Research in Motion (RIM) started to build two-way pagers in the year 1985 and stuck to this product as it was giving them good revenue. But then a simple idea changed everything for the better. In 2002, RIM introduced the BlackBerry 5810 that was essentially a cell phone but with a full QWERTY keyboard. It is still considered a game-changer as it hooked an entire generation into texting as it reduced much time and effort. It also offered businessmen unmatched security and privacy features still considered by some as outstanding.

    What Went Wrong with BlackBerry?

    From 2002 to 2009 BlackBerry enjoyed huge success and its devices were the best sellers in virtually every category. With around 50% market share all over the world in the smartphones category, it seemed there could be no one who can challenge the BlackBerry’s empire. But then a visionary produced a product called iPhone and everything started to change dramatically. Incidents like network failures also were a severe blow to their reputation.

    Let me offer you 5 reasons why Apple outshined BlackBerry in a matter of 2 years.

    1) Full web browser

    2) Touchscreen Keypad

    3) Improved camera

    4) Battery performance

    5) Downloadable Apps

    Apple started a revolution that was soon followed by other tech giants in the Industry like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola and BlackBerry’s empire started to shake. What’s worse is that RIM didn’t tried anything to stop this and innovate but changed its name to BlackBerry to make a case for it. It was not their most avid fans were looking forward to and the corporate world also started to ditch BlackBerry in favor of new products from its rivals. The downfall was so prominent that by 2013, BlackBerry’s share were just 3% from 50% 4 years ago.

    What’s the Future hold for BlackBerry?

    TCL Communications took over BlackBerry’s phone manufacturing in 2016 and now trying to bring back the glory days. But it’s certainly not that easy. Even as TCL is planning to launch 2 new models in 2018 the picture is anything but rosy. The competition in the market is so tough these days that even the phone giant Nokia is finding it really hard to make it to the top 5. The top position is long, long way ahead and for BlackBerry currently, it sounds like a fairytale.

    Tech companies nowadays do not rely on the traditional marketing ploys but make sure they are using social media marketing to their advantage too. But still there is no guarantee this tactic too can help BlackBerry. The support from the diehard fans can be instrumental in this regard but even those are very few. Businessmen and top honchos are the only ones seems to be genuinely interested in BlackBerry now. The gaming and social media generation aren’t interested in BlackBerry phones. So in my view point, it’ll be a miracle if BlackBerry can be able to crack the top 10 even in 2-3 years from now own as its future look bleak to say the least.

    Final Word

    It’s sad to see BlackBerry in its current state as once it was the undisputed king of the market. But things have changed and how. It is a classic case of a company neglecting innovation and what’s going around in the market to meet the ever growing demand of the customers.

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