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The gray in his beard – passion fin

  • July 3, 2018 5:20 AM PDT

    Mature years are traditionally associated with wisdom. Parents from an early age say to children:" Listen, what do you say senior " - forever hammering in the heads of offspring postulate about the unconditional rightness of adults. But the older you get, the more clearly you realize that older people are wrong and do stupid things almost as often as reckless teenagers. Of course, some players play for fun on without spending money. But we will talk about those who can not stop in time.

    As a good example, the old people's passion for gambling. Take a look at the casino in Las Vegas, and you will see a lot of gray visitors, enthusiastically hitting the buttons of video slots or lively crowd around the tables for craps. We will not even talk about bingo halls, which were filled by pensioners. The highest police authorities, retired army ranks, respectable Directors of enterprises, politicians of different levels, successful businessmen for sixty-in domestic casinos look dependable representatives of various social layers. Some bring their children and even grandchildren, turning to gamble into family activities.

    How dangerous is gambling for older people? Why do they even go to the casino? Do they know how to keep themselves in hand, playing for money? What are the risks of gambling for them?

    Some statistics

    Let's start with exciting statistics. Here is a quote from the report of the National Council on the problem of gambling (National Council of Problem Gambling):

    Older people are one of the fastest growing groups of players. Between 1974 and 1994, the percentage of older people who "recently gambled" increased from 20% to 50%. A recent study showed that gambling is the most frequently mentioned social activity of people over 65 years. In the list of priority activities casino and bingo ahead of the movie, lunch, shopping, and Golf.

    In 2006, the New Jersey Study conducted a study that revealed unexpected results:

    23% of people in the state aged 55 and over have signs of ludomania.

    Some more statistics from David Oslin (David Oslin), Professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania medical center:

    In 2005, every eleventh person over 65 years of age surveyed spent more on gambling than he can afford.

    Agree, the data is shocking. I'm sure many will think that this problem applies only to retirees from countries with a high level of income.

    This is partly a fair observation, but let's not forget about the card games that do not require specialized equipment and the dealer. It's about "point," "preference" and other gambling entertainment. Besides, modern pensioners are increasingly mastering the Internet, where they are waiting for online casino advertising and different types of games for money.
    So do not rush to dismiss the problem. It is possible that your older relatives will one day give you an unpleasant surprise.