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PoE: Top 10 Tips For You To Make 26 Levels In An Hour

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    April 1, 2018 11:01 PM PDT

    In Path of Exile, if you have been doing the decent champion runs and you are wondering how people make 26 levels in a hour? Here's some general advice on racing I picked up.

    Not all applies to Descent Champions or Endless Ledge, but I hope you'll find some of it useful. When you are lacking currency in the game, you can choose to buy poe currency cheap, which will save you a lot of time.

    1. Try to get early health regen. Easiest way is to buy a white Coral Amulet from Nessa in the first camp; it costs 1 Orb of Transmutation, but you may not find one until Ledge if you're unlucky. Also buy a Coral ring, it will help prevent stuns from Rhoas in Mud Flats (and overall survivability).

    2. Check the other vendor in the same time for boots with bonus movement speed, they can speed up leveling a lot early on.

    3. Always stay on the move. Whether killing monsters, or equipping or identifying items you should always try to move forward to the next monster pack, area or objective.

    4. Learn zone layouts. Even though zones are generated (somewhat) randomly every time, they do follow a certain pattern. You will usually see 3-4 or less layouts repeating all the time, which you can learn by simply continuously creating an instance of the same area over and over again in a non-race league.

    5. Don't skip magic (blue) monsters. They give you the most experience and are worth killing almost every time. Rare (yellow) or Unique monsters on the other hand are generally best skipped, they usually take too long to kill considering the rewards.

    6. Only kill large monster packs. If you come across one or two monsters it's best to simply skip them. Try to find larger packs with 4-5 monsters at least and use your AoE abilities to clear them, in the end you'll spend the same time killing 10 monsters as you would 2. Don't backtrack to finish off any leftover monsters, always keep moving forward.

    7. Learn when to back to town. You don't need to pick up quest rewards or talk to NPCs every time something pops up, you can save valuable time by simply continuing ahead.

    8. Don't reset instances and farm. It's generally not worth it in short-term races and you will fall behind if you do it. Instead move to the next area even if you're behind in levels: at least you'll be getting bonus experience and make up for it fast.

    9. Learn quest rewards. Not very important, but Tidal Island side quest with the Medicine Chest for example rewards a Quicksilver Flask, it can be hugely beneficial to have it. Also particular skill gems are more useful than others. Bear in mind that Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.

    10. Plan your character build. For 1 hour races it doesn't really make sense to plan a build with 50 skill points, but do make sure to plan beforehand. You don't want to waste any time thinking where to put a skillpoint, just decide on it before the race starts and spend as little time as you possibly can to allocate points.