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begins to be collected

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    March 8, 2018 6:17 PM PST

    wooden trade news The United States begins to be collected to Canadian lumber of 27.2% oppose dumping tax Issue date: 2002-5-24 origin: Occupy Canadian media composite wall panel decoration price canadian company 21 days to report, the United States rises from 21 days of midnight, begin to collect those who be as high as 27.2% to oppose dumping tax to the timber that imports from Canada, this will cause serious blow to Canadian lumber

    industry. Beautiful Department of anti scratch wood decking italy Commerce will announce collect the decision that opposes dumping tax to Canadian lumber on March 22 this year. American respect thinks, canadian government provided subsidy to native cork product, allow this country to produce business with the price under home market to American dumping product, pounded lumber industry of the man wood flooring without tongue and groove United States greatly. And

    Canadian respect thinks, this kind of practice of the United States is the trade protectionism act that violates free trade regulation. Canada exports value price of composite wall material every year to the United States about the cork of 10 billion dollar and soft wood, 1/3 what take total demand of American lumber market about. The United States is carried out after opposing dumping tax, canada will export a