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Kashmir - Mystical Beauty of Rare Products

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    February 27, 2018 3:11 AM PST

    Kashmir is the enchanted valley in North India which runs from The Great Himalayas to the ranges of Pir Panjal. With the sound of burbling waterways, charismatic waterfalls, serene ponds and lush gardens, the land can be explained as God's own garden. Jammu & Kashmir offers a rich assortment of handicraft and handloom items. The artisans of Kashmir are infamous on making exotic products such as paper Mache, woollen shrugs and sweater, mojris and many others. Generally produced from "Kutir Udyog" or "Cottage Industry", these rare Kashmiri Handicrafts and goods are globally renowned. Some indigenous products that are famous across the seas are Paper hacha and other delicate designs, products of the handloom and handicraft industries which calls for the interest of every single guest from around the world. Another striking fact is that, these exclusive products of Jammu & Kashmir play a critical role to earn large profits from the State Govt besides tourism. You can call the land as perfect stage for Shopaholics, as in Kashmir nestles some of the fine market places which are being privileged with unusual accessories and goods. Therefore, 2 weeks. Must visit right? When you plan to visit Kashmir in recent days, then you must desire a "prior list" so as to have a "click and go to shop" moment. Already made your shopping list? Wait! A few wander into the facts of Paper Mache, which are really fascinating products and deserves bold affirmation too. Praise with this Kashmiri Heritage craft which recycles waste material paper into beautiful artefacts that are painted by versatile craftsmen. The builders generally follow their hereditary business traits. Were only available in fifteenth Century by a Kashmiri Prince, these wondrous skills were on heights during Mughal era. The beautifully designs on paper Mache products are appealing palm painted motifs which are illuminated on shiny layer of varnish finish. This is not only a way to their livelihood but also a long and abundant tradition in Kashmir which shows the strong effervescence of a craftsman. Because almost all of the Mughal rulers are nature lovers, the motifs on paper Mache products are mainly nature focused such as blooming bloom, luminous sun and more. Vehemently painted by ****ysis and free hands, the designs give a new dimension to the beauty of the last product. Chemicals used in the making have tremendous metallic quality which enhances their lit feel. How can we forget Pashmina products!? Reputed for its warmth and gentleness, Pashmina products are essentially crafted from Cashmere Made of wool. An especial product by cashmere wool is Authentic Pashmina Shawl which is broadly made in Nepal and Kashmir for hundreds of years. Who are the artists? We must say traditional. Well, the regular artisans of Pashmina Wool in Ladakh, India are a tribes familiarized as Changpa. Because now you offer a complex knowledge of Earth's Paradise, Kashmir and its unparallel products, you might placed out a venture to Kashmir and accumulate what your neighbour and family members have never seen or experienced!