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feudal north island

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    November 14, 2017 10:34 PM PST

    emphasis is located in the Meierweier with feudal north island (Melville Island) , gross area amounts to 34 thousand hectare, main breed occupies lovesickness forest for the horse (Acacia Mangium) with Caribbean pine forest (Pinus Caribaea) , area of island of Er of plum Er dimension has the source of water that suits hardwood forest to

    grow, and channel of adjacent and maritime commerce. Midway thinks to did not come to this area to be put in forest commerce to be able to expand strategic opportunity continuously. Besides, the teak of 13 thousand hectare that PMP still is in charge of management be located in Kampuchea forest, wood plastic decorative wallboard and the Sai Lin of Lin Hexiang of ash of

    24 thousand hectare that is located in Laos, two projects are subject to large international lumber to invest an organization respectively. composite backyard decking According to bay China finance and economics is online and previous report, midway company headquarters is located in dimension city Geelong, will be in on December 7 last year bay hand in place