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installation is completed, the ground debris

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    November 14, 2017 10:28 PM PST

    those low quality floor containing formaldehyde, formaldehyde out of the taste of the human body can not be ignored injury. 2, with dirty soles on the floor surface scribe, the floor left behind the dirty traces, scrub with a clean cloth, if you can not clean or clean is not complete, indicating poor stain resistance of the floor. 3, with your fingertips, knives or some other sharp objects on the floor surface to pull the

    floor to test the wear resistance of the floor, the line marks are not obvious that the floor wear resistance is poor. 4, with a knife to cut the floor to test the stability of the floor, if the floor is easy to be cut, it shows that the floor is not glass fiber layer, so poor stability of the floor. 5, the test floor of the acid and alkali resistance, you can drop on the floor surface of alcohol, oil, a small amount of hydrochloric acid,

    one day after the observation of whether the surface of the floor there is a clear aging phenomenon, and some on the floor that poor acid and alkali resistance. 6, the test floor of the antibacterial, easy to mildew items, such as bread and the like, on the floor surface, and the floor placed in the shade of the place, about two days after the observation of the surface of the ground there are signs of mold growth,

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