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out of the wood flooring market

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    November 14, 2017 7:05 PM PST

    which also corresponds to the wear-resistant layer Corundum abrasive content. National standards, products above 6000r suitable for home use, and public places must be above 9000r. 6 lacquer and laminate flooring is different is that solid wood flooring and parquet board after paint processing,

    the selection should check the paint to be uniform, smooth, smooth. No leakage paint, no bubbles, no cracks.Molded flooring into the new darling of consumer, since May this year, China's interior decoration industry has entered the peak season, building materials companies have chosen this time.

    to launch new products for new products frequently out of the wood flooring market, molded floor to show the wood charms, to achieve seamless assembly And extend the life of a bright spot that consumers are concerned about, become a new darling of the floor consumption.

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