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Besides the wide range Final Fantasy XIV Gil

  • May 10, 2016 11:31 PM PDT

     equipment, abilities, combat roles and storylines. Classes in SWTOR can also be further advanced into specialised classes at level . The game actually encourages players to try out as many classes as they can by adding in class stories that players can collect by completing each class’ quest lines. Although freetoplay players start off with only  character slots, with time and perhaps a bit of premium cash, you can unlock up to  character slots in total per account. That being said, once you have a class you like, you’ll be able to customize your character. Besides the wide range of species you can choose from, you’ll also be able to change your character’s gender and appearance. This, however, is actually one of the parts where the game falls flat. If you Final Fantasy XIV Gil compare the game with other MMORPGs like Aion or Blade amp; Soul, you’ll notice that SWTOR only provides premade stuff. It is better than having no customisation whatsoever, but the rather limited selections in this otherwise epic MMORPG can be rather disappointing.On the bright side, SWTOR contains one of the most brilliantly written storylines in the history of MMORPGs, making it worthy of its “Star Wars title. Filled with amazing cinematics containing characters, including your own, that are fully voiced, the indepth and very engrossing plotline is definitely impressive enough to reel you right in. SWTOR also features dialogues where you can pick what you want to say. There are usually  choices available and each of them stands for one of the “sides  the “light, “neutral and “dark sides. Works like the reputation system in Fable, your character’s overall goodness will be determined by your words and actions. Your goodness will then affect how NPCs react to you. However, although you are free to choose which side you want, you will not be able to switch factions, despite being a murderous Jedi Knight who has gone down the dark. It is a real pity that Bioware and EA didn’t fully utilise this game mechanismbat, on the other hand, is similar to WoW in many ways.