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soldier bite a jumping like sparrows of soul

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    October 13, 2017 12:45 AM PDT

    ody, Xu Tian jumps from the unreal, the double eye bursts out ten thousand Zhang absolute beings lead once again only three boundary chickens fly a dog to jump. Xu Tian feels that Lucas Patrick Jersey the absolute being that visit to leave outside three boundaries knows confabulation, a burst of wry smile:"See to I be working together celestial spirits to wait the head, deal with the means of science and technology most effective battalion to still want with offend are a little bit effective towards offending, certainly being science and technology the troops, I of where is the red Central Police University soldier ?" The idea reads a to move, tour by imagination three boundaries, Xu Tian back the steel big current in hour cast shadow quick entity to turn. "Indeed as expected Malachi Dupre Jersey the punishment base that I left in those early years gets a huge development in the Hong Huang, 100,000 battalions, led the way, appeared, came together, killed for me." Flee in Xu Tian Yan ten thousand Zhang absolute being the light cover to 100,000 tank armor army corps, the golden light covers with in, together and together start continuously transforming a combination, numerous machine A warrior is flown world Lu's crack, start executing an order to annihilate outside star troops. "The situation that Marwin Evans Jersey I result in I come to tidy up and concuss for me even three the boundaries are 6."Xu Tian whom the strength greatly increases energetic and daring will to fight proud Yang, once the big hand flick and look sideways**, feel world all however is at oneself a hold. Hardly realizing the center of earth 19 F is a mysterious air that is hidden but separates a life time independence again, some kind of dialogues, let Xu Tian with patience make futile efforts, also cause one another one is serious of result, accelerated Hong Huang exhaustive destruction, made him step on another an as different as chalk and cheese road. "King, 18 origin Max McCaffrey Jersey cores all receive the harm of different degree, whether still need to continue to match to keep on doing."Milk voice milk the voice of the spirit rings out. "Small Wei son, contain anger, numerous meetings we all the cook passed by, each in great quantities rob us don't be born, only the 18 greatest emperors are only ten grounds of for nine days curse to do, we ability incarnation God's way, thoroughly control time and space, re-appear ancient brilliancy, break up this crisis."The immature voice that one is past to make mature and steady immediately rings out. Meanwhile, the endless endless negative extreme emotion collects to together coagulate into ghost noodles and overlook the Hong Huang earth the Earth sun moon and stars, send forth the breathing of a danger. Chapter 69 gobbles up an evolution Xu Tian real strenght instauration, work properly to feel to greatly increase, ambiguously feel endless unreal in contains great danger, it lets he is of throb, can the Hong wasteland heart present condition let Michael Clark Jersey he have no time look into, how is also mankind's one vein, can not indulge be massacred a to get empty. The door that shuttle 6 to rotate to turn to living before a hundred years, slowly the sky once invoked to save a great deal of machine A tank armoured vehicle in the space in the oneself and covered with dust a hundred years, a dynasty get injustice redressed, develop violent power after being activated. Be given intelligence to work properly Zhi one by one by Xu Tian, hold to increase after adding of numerous Mi method sorcery curseses again, 100,000 battalions have ability independence to transform, continuously adjust carry on combat by quite the cheese appearance, be soon captured a dense sky by the outside star different clan clean up one big slice of space.

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    October 15, 2017 11:18 PM PDT

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