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    October 12, 2017 8:44 PM PDT

    furniture. So Wujin wood furniture and Lamura wood furniture which is better? Here Xiaobian together to see it. 1, Wujin wood furniture features 1, what is the Wujin wood furniture Wujin wood formerly known as Zebra wood, scientific name "small shoes beans." Wujin wood does not belong to the mahogany, but its grain is very beautiful, Wujin wood cross section is a circle of black dynamic. Or black and golden the slightest staggered, are like a line of

    water in general. Especially because the beautiful texture of Wujinmu completely taken from the natural, so naturally by the pursuit of more and more consumers to restore the concern, at present, the market using Wujin wood furniture manufacturers more and more. As a result, Wujin wood is very logical to become the current furniture market is a very important role, can be described as popular star, that Wujin wood, always make people shines. 2, Wujin wood

    furniture characteristics Wujin wood not only has a beautiful texture, and Wujin wood furniture there are many advantages, which is to consumers like a very important reason, Wujin wood furniture, wood structure is relatively good, large density, stability , In the purchase of the time as long as the weight of a weigh, you can find Wujin wood furniture is relatively heavy. High hardness, mainly because the environment of Ukrainian wood furniture living, has a natural

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