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processing, finishing, coloring good cementing

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    October 12, 2017 8:23 AM PDT

    article catch yo introduced under the wooden sofa common 16 kinds of materials, for everyone to buy reference. 1, red pine: light and soft material, moderate strength, good dryness, water, corrosion, processing, finishing, coloring, good cementing. 2, white pine: material soft and soft, flexible, fine structure, uniform, dry, water, corrosion, processing, finishing, coloring good cementing. White pine is higher than red pine. 3, Kasla: hard texture, quality and stability,

    was yellow and red, shiny, texture staggered, delicate structure, uniform, good corrosion resistance, shrink small. 4, Ash wood: high-grade furniture more choice, tough and flexible, clear grain, coarse grain, more decay resistance, good processing performance, high quality wood, durable, flexible and beautiful patterns. 5, birch: material slightly heavy, fine structure, strength, processing, finishing, good glue. 6, Paulownia: material is very soft, thick structure, cut the

    water surface is not smooth, dry and good, not cracked. 7, linden wood: slightly soft texture, slightly fine structure, silk silk luster, easy to crack, processing, finishing, coloring, good cementing. Not rotten, dry when slightly warped. 8, Ash: material slightly hard, beautiful patterns, rough structure, easy processing, toughness, finishing, good glue, dry in general. 9, elm: beautiful pattern, rough structure, processing, finishing, good glue, poor drying, easy to crack

    how to split composite decking uae
    wood plastic composite weight
    20 ft composite deck boards

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    October 13, 2017 4:48 AM PDT

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