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solid wood flooring

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    October 12, 2017 7:34 AM PDT

    buy solid wood flooring, cost up to 40,000 yuan, really some reluctant. Solid wood flooring prices continue to let many dealers complain incessantly. A Jiangsu flooring brand of Guangzhou dealer said that the price of solid wood flooring compared with the end of last year has risen more than three percent, even if their own sales profits or decline.wpc pergola and wpc wall cladding 'The price rose too much,fencing for football field the customer reduced a lot, business more and more difficult to do.' Industry insiders said that now many people like to use new solid wood flooring, in addition to that high grade, but also that it is environmentally friendly. In fact, the public do not have to blindly pursue solid wood

    flooring, because some well-known brands of composite floor processing accuracy is very high, the effect is not poor after laying. Recently, the Kazakh port floor prices rose momentum, the average increase of 5% -10%.marine decking systems non slip Individual prices on the prudent attitude of the big brands are also admitted to brewing prices. Reporters interviewed the Harbin Furniture Industry Association floor professional committee of the relevant persons and a number of flooring companies and agents,fire rated tongue and groove wall paneling papua new guinea the information obtained is the recent floor prices will not fall, because the substrate prices are still rising, the floor prices are likely to continue to rise The Shortage of raw

    materials contributed to the floor price in 2006 by the industry known as the 'flooring industry troubled' - before the consumption tax of 5%, after 15% of the temporary fertilization fund,composite decking in 20 lengths of time coupled with rising oil prices, transportation costs increase, raw material resources further Controlled, so that floor prices become inevitable. According to information from the authority channel, only from August to September within a month, the average price per square meter of man-made fiberboard rose from 2200 yuan to 2600 yuan,can composit deck be placed on dirt the price increase of 20%. The lack of domestic log materials makes China's log material heavily dependent on

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    October 13, 2017 4:48 AM PDT

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