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theaters in a unique Cheap DarkScape Gold

  • April 29, 2016 8:22 PM PDT

    of electronic games, bringing in the form of a unique battle of its kind for Dota 2 in the next two months.The years event will be 20 teams of specialists from around the world struggling online to determine who will play in the final on May 10 in San Francisco, Califorina. What makes another form of struggle is that in each series, participants will start with three people and the ability to identify the enemy. Every time the team loses, removed one of the blessings of life. Cheap DarkScape Gold  Exclusion of the teams that lose all three lives. Five teams that come from the group stage will advance to the playoff at Red Bull Studio electronic games on 5 May in Santa Monica. The last two teams from there go to the finals series in Warfield Theatre in San championship Francisco.The March 29 Starts money Baseline prize is $ 75,000, but can increase through collective financing, as well as what he does with the valve and international. New electronic games and the upcoming documentary film near you? Collaborated Gaming Group ESL director of the documentary have a popular series of Intel Extreme Masters, which appeared in the electronic games and a new document called all work fine. The film gives a behindthescenes look at the planning and production of the Extreme Masters, Intel, the longest film pro game tour.The global premiere on July 23 in Burbank ESL studio, fans will be able to watch a documentary film live in cinemas across the country as part of electronic games ESL Cinema promotion.This certainly will not be the first electronic games and documentary come out in recent years, with the valve itself Dota 2 documentary upcoming free to play for thought. It is fair to say that most of those movies so far were not as free advertising for the game or tournament functional, and it seems that the latter project will be more of the same. But the opportunity to watch a movie directly from other people in the movie theaters in a unique twist. No theaters minute announcement that the film will be released, but tickets will go on sale in eSportsinCinema.