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consumers vulnerable to flicker

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    September 13, 2017 10:52 AM PDT

    this antimicrobial substances to all-round antibacterial, regardless of the bed or the corner will not leave antibacterial dead ends. When the reporter asked whether such anti-bacterial floor can reduce the risk of family sickness, the shopping guide replied: "Anyway, is such a bactericidal principle,

    specifically to kill what bacteria and viruses, I do not know." Then in the elephant floor counter, Most consumers on the floor of the concept card will be skeptical, consumers Miss Li said: "I heard only the floor of environmental protection, have not heard the health of the floor."

    Shopping guide they can not tell these concepts, consumers vulnerable to flicker. Reporters in the interview to see, although many anti-bacterial floor has a relevant certification logo, but the certification body at least three or four, the lack of norms.

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