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if you're not in playing RS Gold

  • April 24, 2016 9:00 PM PDT

    as well as suffers from having a smaller library of Runescape gamesIt's literally stationed between all these other tech devices in terms of functionality, yet it excels in no particular area, all while being more expensive than the competition.Microsoft is put into a precarious situation, because come E3 they will have to convince the gaming world that the Xbox One serves a purpose in this eighth gen raceIt'll need a consistent identity and it might benefit Microsoft to at least RS Gold drop the Xbox Live paywall for the standard app functionality, because if you're not in playing dudebro Runescape player Runescape games it seems silly to have to pay $60 a year just to use Twitch or access SkypeWith the Fire TV now on the market at a very competitive price point, it'll be a fascinating thing to see how well Amazon eats into the casual console market – the very same market Microsoft has been aiming to capture with their TV on the TV campaignBasically, Microsoft will have to lose the Xbox One's identity crisis and find a niche where it can excel, because it can't compete on the graphics front with 792p releases and it's not cheap enough to compare to the Wii U or Fire TV as an economic alternativeAs much as some gamers may hate to read it, I'm going to write it: Microsoft needs to leverage the Kinect to do some stuff that literally isn't possible on the other systems, otherwise they'll only have the fading luster of their top three brands to fall back on..and that's not going to be enough to stay competitive for the next half decade.Hearthstone iPad Launches In Select Countries, Here's How To Play In Unsupported RegionsBlizzard has launched the iPad version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in Australia, Canada and New ZealandThey'll roll out the Runescape game in other regions soon but there's a way to play the Runescape game outside those three countries in the meantime.To download the Runescape game in a currently unsupported country, you need to switch the region for your iPadHere are the stepbystep instructions to do that,

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    July 26, 2016 3:15 AM PDT

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