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    June 13, 2017 10:34 PM PDT

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    NFL 18 Coins owners heard reports in the league office game for Madden NFL 18 Mobile Coins, got an update using their stadium and financing committees, received final thoughts from the Oakland Raiders management, and then it has been over. No questions. No discussion. Just a perfunctory and also unsentimental vote -- 31-1, the only dissenter this Miami Dolphins' Stephen Ross -- plus it was over. Raider Nation gets prepared to move just a little east -- after no less than two more seasons within Oakland, and then one additional season at an undetermined site prior to a new stadium is completed -- using what amounted to a well-shod wave.

    The reluctant relocation finished a bizarre two-year stretch out of frantic activity that did actually leave owners and even Commissioner Roger Goodell weary understanding that was summed up completely by one league management: if someone had told you five in years past that the NFL would have two teams in Chicago and one in Sin city, what would the odds are? No pun intended, of course.


    That's because, even up to only some time ago, there was still some hope the Raiders could have continued in Oakland. Nobody -- including Raiders owner Mark Davis -- wished to see another team move, least of all from one of the nation's booming economies one with decidedly less liquid. And so the expression "disappointed" was uttered lots, even in official reviews from Goodell and Davis.


    Still, of all the techniques the NFL has built, literally and figuratively, this is the the one which will certainly cause an intermittent longing glance at what is left behind -- the booming, lucrative area for the one that is famously susceptible on the vicissitudes of the overall economy. The NFL will most likely try to place a team there again sooner or later. But one league executive noted the time it took to resume Los Angeles after it was left empty, and in the meantime the NFL are going to be happy to use Oakland as its latest leverage intended for teams seeking new stadiums.


    he wanted to move to Los Angeles in a shared stadium with all the Chargers and was taken aback when that project attended Stan Kroenke and the particular Rams instead. Since then, Davis has turned his attention to Las Vegas, but his pursuit of an stadium had gone on a lot longer.


    withal to privately money a Kroenke-like palace, but the NFL insisted there was clearly no solution in perception in California On Madden NFL Coins , Davis claimed that Oakland had played hardball right away, and that was the beginning of the final unraveling.