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How to Build a Business of Corporate Travel Management

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    March 12, 2017 11:30 PM PDT

    A corporate travel management works to plan a company’s employees traveling or other business traveling. The corporate travel agent should know well about the travel management and understand well to the worldwide travel industry. The career suits the people to business travel training, traveling passion and also have great skill to plan the travel.

    Get the Suitable Training

    To become a corporate travel manager, you should get a travel agent program first. It could be the program offered in Pennsylvania’ Penn Foster Career School. This program takes five month long to give training in scheduling the travel, travel accounting, hotel booking, and also the marketing principles. By getting the associate degree of travel and tourism, you will have a solid foundation to be a travel manager. Besides the training, you also need to get some business travel courses from a professional organization.

    Learning about the Skills

    As a travel manager, you should have great competency as a planner and can see the details. For instance, when you get a client company that will travel their top executives abroad for a seminar, you should arrange the air travels and accommodation, taking the specific preferences notes of the client like the plane’s seats they prefer. If the client makes changes in the last minute, like additional employees that will join the corporate travel, you have to use your skills of customer service professionally to respond the changes. Besides, you also should have research skills too, so when the company client want to have minimized costs for the travel, you can research providers with good business class tickets and accommodations rates for thee executives.         

    Entering the Industry

    Before you start a business as a corporate travel manager, it is better to start your first business by making a general travel agent business. The first works will be simpler such as answering telephones, cost calculation, and also collect the payments from the clients. If you have had the experiences in about three years, then find a certification of Global Travel Professional to demonstrate competence and improve the capability to attract company clients. This capability will also enable you to become an in-house travel consultant. Establish the business when you have had the strong skills of corporate travel management.

    Register Your Travel Agency   

    Most states only require a general business license for travel agents. But the states like California, Florida, and Washington require additional requirements for the registration. There are kinds of requirements that are needed for the registration, such as the physical address of the business, contact information, registration fee as well as a surety bond.

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