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    March 12, 2017 7:33 PM PDT

    machines a product

    Although lumber machines a product to export those who get all sorts of accounts to restrict since this year,export a situation inferior fan, and a lot of lumber machine enterprise ingoing Vietnam wait for southeast Asia a few countries, go up objectively cause the fall of a few industries to sawn timber consumption. But the abidance of Chinese estate market warmed up to provide the market for sawn timber entrance. Be worth what carry is, 1-6 month United States exports anticorrosive material to be 63 thousand stere to China this year, rise compared to the same period 51% .

    Learn from custom, before 8 months, peaceful port of fragrance river railroad imports log 2.81 million stere, grow 19% compared to the same period; Entrance sawn timber 1.24 million stere, grow 41.3% compared to the same period.

    On the whole, lumber entrance still shows ascendant trend, log basically has Bai Song, camphor tree child loose, wood of a few birch, oak, northeast china ash. Understanding arrives, lumber import rises a reason to have two sides: On one hand, natural resources of our country forest compares deficient, the crop of lumber and supply are limited, can rely on a large number of entrances to fill opening of fill a vacancy only. Our country will stop entirely to 2017 natural forest commerciality cuts.

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