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meets tomorrow outspread

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    March 8, 2017 5:24 PM PST

    meets tomorrow outspread

    "Mid furniture industry meets tomorrow outspread, lumber demand also is met bigger, these lumber port's throughput also will promote. This will be a profit good trend that promotes bilateral development. Be in severe danger convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant congress of the 17th signatory (CITES COP 17) already in September 24 city holds Yaohanneisibao and will last to October 5 in south Africa republic.

    According to the report, handicraft of main furniture of concerned China home and each proposal that flavor place uses wood are announced, those who deserve attention is, bus flower may enter an appendix 2, southeast Asia spends pear wood and do not have with include endangered control.

    Unexpected, cling to spend or go up Hua Limu of a list of names posted up was not listed be in severe dangerIt is reported, what make a person accident in numerous draft resolution is the 56th draft resolution come from European Union and Gabon, brazilwood of 3 kinds of ancient exterminate (cloth of renown Gu Yi carries beans of expensive perhaps treasure) include an appendix 2, they are Guibourtia Demeusei of brazilwood of heart rice ancient exterminate, Peilaigelinigu exterminate brazilwood G. Ellegriniana and Tesimangu smooth brazilwood G. Tessmannii, the lumber duramen trade name that these 3 trees plant is Bubinga .

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