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market for much home

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    February 21, 2017 9:29 PM PST


    Appear on the market for much home company the lawyer Zhang Xin that has provided legal service tells to rule by law on the weekend reporter, wood composite sidingbasis " Chinese card inspect can issue superintendency ministry to distribute flow of work of stock examine and verify publicly first " , had been in after the meeting, the approve that the enterprise still needs to obtain card inspect to meet publishs batch of replacement boat deck material article, just can hang out his shingle appear on the market.

    On September 23, meeting website issues card watch announcement shows, batch of article that xinhua net had acquired approve to issue. But, Portable Floor Decking meet too with day inferior brace up furniture, have not obtain the document that releases to approve up to now. "From can meet those who allot approve to issue approve to card inspect too civil, do not have time to restrict. " Zhang Xin says.

    Card inspect can release on October 20 " issue a share publicly first basic message state of affairs expresses company of state of normal composite wood fencing costsexamine and verify " show, hand in greatly at present place and hand in place to had been met too but the company that still did not take batch of article adds up to 72.