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members of standing committee

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    January 12, 2017 7:43 PM PST


    "From the point of project angle, arrive from door window floor, investment dimensions is expanding, technical content is increasing, project arrangement of ideas is Easier Interlock Patio Installation in promotion, spend to local contribution also increasing; If will integratedly measure, nature investment upgrades ceaselessly to operation headquarters to manufacturing base, single plant to multinomial product, single item by single product. "

    high port area wood plastic used for boat deck appoint party of high new developed area of members of standing committee, tall harbor is versed in appoint clerical Gu Weijin says, such project attract reflected garden area to develop a concept, center force to make characteristic advantage industry namely, pursuit has transition and innovation to contain gazebos that mount to deck the growth rate of Troy, improve the quality of development and beneficial result ceaselessly.

    Little-known is, for this day, new and high Ou Jingxin awaited tall harbor many days 600. At the beginning of 2014, depend on outstanding area when garden area recycled composite timber deck advantage and battalion business environment are won " nature " approbate, introduce item of window of its wood door, wood successfully early or late when, garden area members of a squad-a small body of people working together is not contented.