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  • Back in WotLK, my guild was server firsting many stuff. 25 Yogg 0 helpers, 25 Algalon, Realm First Grand Crusader. The works. Except that 25 Tough Mode Lich King was still shared.

    At this point, there was a power struggle for your guild between the old veterans and also the people who came inside guild but were energetic. The newer people required the GM (Who had previously been there from the beginning) to step straight down. This lead to in essence a split down the middle.

    Even though the guild was split by 50 %, both sides were still progressing beyond the other guilds in the realm. I was in this old school veteran half and we were progressing just slightly within the half that broke off by way of a boss. Then we hit 20 hard mode Lich Master. Both halves were basically stuck there for a couple weeks. And one long evening, we were able to down him. Realm First, baby! Oh man, that feeling. I’m not sure how we would have felt in the event the other half got him down first.

    During the Burning Crusade development, a guild I is at wow gold, was experiencing raid detest, jealousy, and such. The guild was imploding. I contacted our guild head and requested we raid the particular Undercity only wearing our undies and such (absolutely no gear or weapons), as well as bringing our favorite cosmetic pet. About 100 of http://www.wowgoldscheep.com/ us stormed the spot with our sole objective to shock Horde players as we ran around in undies with cosmetic snakes, kittens, and such. We died a whole lot, and laughed even much more. A sense of adore befell the guild guests. There was also an awareness that this event was your final goodbye. A week or thus later the guild was no longer, but our friendships always been intact. A few of us kept in touch within the game, but most everybody only slowly faded away. I left WoW cold turkey before you start of 2009 shortly following Lich King expansion. I miss the Wow universe as well as the people I met greatly. I really, really miss it many. fifacoinsbest2

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