Transmog & You - What's New in Today's Pre-Patch

  • With today's launch from the World of Warcraft pre-patch which leads up for Warmane Gold for sale the August 30th release with the Legion expansion, lots of players can be feeling a tad lost about the "Appearance" tab is in comparison with actual transmogrification. We're here to recommend!

    The Appearance Tab

    In the UI, there is a different option called "Appearances". For anyone who has played Star Wars: The Old Republic or Guild Wars 2, this really is instantly familiar as being the wardrobe system. Using Appearances, players can easily see all from the possible pieces of equipment which are available for many years based on armor type and character class, including shirts and tabards that are part from the interface. Note that some items have level as well as reputation requirement being available for transmog.

    What has become unlocked via questing or through crafting and drops is shown that has a brighter appearance while those pieces not really unlocked are slightly grayed out. Players can build as numerous appearances as desired and after that save them for reference or as being a wishlist tool to find and unlocking the missing pieces.

    What's really cool is the fact tooltips about the not-yet-unlocked items will demonstrate other pieces while using same appearance and the location where the item might be found, hence the wishlist name.

    For whoever has unlocked a lot of items, it truly is 'best practice' to save lots of an outfit to ensure that when going to a transmog vendor, all which will be was required to rock the look would be to load the saved outfit colliding with "Apply".

    Appearances are, however, unique of transmog.


    As always, to improve the appearance of equipped gear, players can have to search for a Transmog vendor, whether one found in the capital city or through the Grand Expedition Yak. Speaking towards the vendor, a window uncovers that shows every piece of gear equipped on the type. Clicking for the item, brings a list on the unlocked appearances that it may be transmogged into, including shirts and tabards.

    Players could also opt to hide helms and cloaks, as before, but now may hide shoulders also. To do this, click, by way of example, shoulders and choose the primary option.

    Players can load a well liked saved outfit right on the vendor where it's going to load. Hit "apply" and BOOM! Done!

    One you're used to your new system, finding the perfect look will probably be a snap! Now more ways to buy bargain Warmane Gold, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.