Walcott became the fastest player FIFA16

  • With FIFA16 will be officially published by EA Sports on September 22, gamers and Fifa Coins football fans can not wait too want to see the latest FIFA football game of infinite charm.

    At the same time, in order to attract the attention of fans, game production company had earlier been announced in advance the ability of some of the players and the numerical part of the club. For Walcott is concerned, in addition to England to advance into the 2016 European Cup finals, he has yet another reason to celebrate, that is, he was nominated for FIFA16 fastest players.

    Walcott and from Germany Fortuna Düsseldorf Matisse - Boley together in Fifa 16 Coins the FIFA game, won the 96 speed rating. However, the small tiger Arsenal teammate Beilai Lin got the feeling there is something to say. The Spanish right-back is disclosed in the first test in late August, he won the second fastest player award Gunners squad.

    He was joking, said: "Last year I beat Walcott just a little bit of distance, but this year I was leading him a lot, however, he will not tell you.!"