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  • In doing some research fifa ultimate team coins for this piece, I came across a couple of intriguing games from USC, such as Vanishing Point, Howie & Yarla and Cole - the latter a game from a class taught by Lemarchand and colleague Peter Brinson. Lemarchand himself is enthused about Elementerra, a VR-driven project he describes as “Minecraft with a voxel engine”, where players can terraform the world around them into “very cool looking, seamless terrain.”

    Lemarchand is massively excited about VR and AR (augmented reality), but that’s not the only tech that can be used as part of teaching. He cites another project from two students using something called Arduino, a controller input with a robotics interface that’s compatible with tools like Unity.

    “My students Elaine Gomez and James Hughes made a digital first-person screen-based game last semester, where they used a fluffy toy bunny as an input mechanism in a story about a little girl exploring her house alone at night and feeling very scared. And they used Arduino to connect the bunny to the digital game so that hugging the bunny could act as an input for the game.”

    “That’s just one example of the kind of interesting things students can do with all this amazing technology right now. I could go on and on about this, but we’re really at an incredibly exciting place in the world of game development and game teaching because of the relative ease of use and affordability of all of these new kinds of technology.”

    Spector is not as convinced; he had his digital fingers burned by VR two decades ago. “This is where I look like an idiot in five years, but I just don’t care,” he laughs. “I was a big supporter of VR in 1994 when we did System Shock and Wings of Glory and supported the Vortay VFX1 headset and the Cybermax headset. And I just don’t believe fundamentally that people are going to want to put a goofy set of glasses on, isolate themselves from the world and play games that way. They’re not going to want to look stupid and they’re not going to want to be so isolated they can’t tell when somebody’s looking over their shoulder making fun of them.”

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