Having never played a Toys-To-Life style utfifa game before

  • Having never played a Toys-To-Life style utfifa game before, I was a little scepticle before stepping up to try out LEGO Dimensions. Despite my love for Disney movies, Disney Infinity didn't really interest me, but LEGO is a different story. I've already played and enjoyed the LEGO Star Wars series, as well as other LEGO video games. What I found in LEGO Dimensions was the best of the LEGO series, mixed with a creative use of physical toys.

    Gameplay-wise, LEGO Dimensions is like a mash-up of all of your favorite LEGO games. In the demo I played, I went through a LEGO version of Aperture Labs from the video game Portal. This played out like a mash-up of both LEGO games and Portal, with my characters solving puzzles to open the test chamber door into the next room. I also found myself brawling around each level, making sure I smashed everything to find all of the hidden secrets.

    There are two main ways to play LEGO Dimensions. There are the story levels and the open world levels. Story levels play out like other LEGO games, with your gang of LEGO characters making their way through a series of puzzles and challenges. The open world levels play out more like an open world game.

    They feature smaller challenges scattered around the level for players to find and complete. These challenges are usually fairly straightforward, like finding and returning a missing cat or destroying 10 nearby enemies. The rewards for completing these missions inclue earning rare gold bricks that are hidden throughout the game.

    The biggest difference with LEGO Dimensions and the other LEGO games is the LEGO Gateway. This is the gamepad where you place your LEGO figures to make them appear digitally on your screen. While the majority of the gamepad's usage is www.utfifa.co to simply drop characters into your game, it is also divided up into three zones that have lights under them that change colors. Oftentimes, the colors on the gamepad will change during a puzzle. During these moments, players will have to physically rearrange the LEGO figures on the gamepad to solve the puzzles.