Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy fifacoins Nelson

  • Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy fifacoins Nelson is out for the season after suffering a knee injury last week as the Packers took on the Pittsburgh Steelers in their second pre-season matchup and on Saturday, August 29th, as the Pack took on the Philadelphia Eagles in their pre-season home opener, three more Packers players suffered injuries.

    “Just caught the ball, and was going down to the ground, and, you know, I had a guy land on top of me, and, you know, I was just jogging off the field at the end of the series and I could feel the pain and I didn’t know exactly what it was. It was discomfort and I let the doc check it out. We went back and got X-rays. It’s not what we think it could have been.

    We thought it could have been the collarbone or something. It’s not, so fortunately there’s a silver lining in it. I just came down on my shoulder the wrong way. Just taking it day-by-day right now. Going to run some tests (Sunday), and we’ll see from there. I don’t think it will be (a long-term thing). We’re just taking it day-by-day right now, and we’ll find out more (Sunday).

     It was definitely (scary). It felt like a bad dream in that situation, you know, having Jordy Nelson go down last week, and then, you know, three plays into this series, you know, it’s just unfortunate. You know, we’ve got to play football. We’ve got to get ready for the season. (The pre-season) is part of it. It has been like this for awhile,” Cobb said.

    “We looked a little flat in our run defense. We had some communication errors in our coverage. We’ll evaluate that, get all the corrections and calls and adjustments that were made throughout the game and plot the video. This is a tough run for us with a Sunday, Saturday, Thursday schedule.