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  • Well, we know that we already have Zaros pack in runescape. It is possible for him to have these RS Gold packs. But what if Sliske? Does he deserve his due? We have something to say. This is Sliske's pack.

    2007 RUNESCAPE

    Display your affinity for the god of Deceit with this Sliske equivalent to the Zaros pack: two outfits mimicking the appearance of the Shadow god, one designed for magic warfare and anther ready for combat with some shadow robes/armor plating, along with an outfit switching emote to match the Zarosian shadow and praetor.

    Speaking of the shadow and praetor, the pack will include several Sliske themed titles, such as The Deceiver and The Shadow Keeper. Of course, no outfit pack up to par with the Zaros pack would be without a teleport override.Take to the lodestones with a darkness burst teleport, which like the shadow blast teleport, overrides both the slow and the fast teleport spells, and can still be seen when you touch down at your teleport destination.

    Finally, there is the Mark of Zaros necklace override, which like the Mark of Zaros the Mark of Sliske would emanate darkness and corruption.The god of Darkness and Shadow deserves influence in RS3 and it is only beginning with his involvement with the second GOD Wars. Altars and Temples should be erected in his honor, as well as more direct contact with the realm of shadows and with the shadow god himself.

    More quests and even the possibility to reside in the realm of shadows should be an option. The addition of Sliske themed weapons also a wonderful addition would be to add a shadow spellbook and spells relevant to the god of deception and darkness.http://www.4rsgold.com/ will update more information.

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