David Beckham have also been involved in the FIFA scandal

  • They apply for alleged breach of the 2018 World Cup throughout England. Britain for the 2018 World Cup bid "iron triangle" King William, Prime Minister David Cameron as well as football icon David Beckham, when British media contact them "Three Lions. " However, "Three Lions' loss to Russia inside the Cheap Fifa 16 Points got only two votes, of which there can be a vote cast former FA chairman Thompson, the current trio is also active in the FIFA scandal.


    FIFA sources said the investigation team will additionally investigate the role of three people in the 2018 World Cup put money process. FIFA Ethics Committee has banned Platini and Blatter to participate in football activities, showing their determination for you to thoroughly investigate the file corruption. Survey says the British royal family as well as the British Prime Minister could make a scandal upgrade.  fifatli20