Everlasting F2P in Old School RuneScape

  • Good News! Permanent F2P will be here and just in time for the subsequent birthday of Old School RuneScape!

    Permanent F2P is now for Old School. Anyone and everyone can surf the web and play the F2P area of the game until their very own heart's content. Both brand-new and existing accounts provide access to F2P Old School so if you are a new or old player you may hop on and play totally free!

    Small changes to the F2P portion of the game to go along with the release of permanent F2P.Yew trees, lobsters along with wilderness fishing spots. Some time back the ability for  Buy RS 2007 Gold members was removed to chop yew trees or fish lobsters. There are some additional limitations to help F2P players, which will be thorough slightly further down inside news post, we have now got possible for F2P players to reduce yew trees and bass lobsters. In addition to this, the black crab fishing spots located in the wilderness will now stand for tuna/lobster/swordfish fishing spots if logged into a F2P universe.  fifagli20