First Brazil and finally China out of stock their people toward

  • First Brazil and finally China out of stock their people towards the aliens, sending them up Cheap FUT 16 Coins through the shipload for healing, which actually resulted in those unlucky souls were reprogrammed via a neurovirus to become less aggressive.The Reticulans, our aliens du jour, claimed they came to Earth in olden days to modulate our primitive minds (perhaps with sheer, black monoliths), but on returning they became concerned our aggression had grown?out of control, which we were poised to spread chaos through the galaxy after we became a spacefaring civilization.

    As a display of peaceful intentions when the alien motivation is made clear, most from the major nations with nuclear capabilities disarmed themselves, but Russia refused to visit down quietly.In a dramatic final turn (captured on video) the whole alien fleet landed in Brazil.Russia launched their whole nuclear arsenal in reaction.

    Brazil, however, had already sent a real estate agent into Russia who tampered using their warheads, resulting in the nukes to explode within their tubes and wipe Russia from the map.Immediately afterward a spead boat full of world leaders was sent up towards the Mars base for peace negotiations and “healing.