"Southern Sports" achievements, no-one can deny.Founded

  • "Southern Sports" achievements, no-one can deny.Founded in the beginning remember Buy FIFA 16 Coins newspaper, Gong Xiaoyue to abandon the document war hatchet, and constantly searching for as I like neither friend nor foe class writing, and holidays, send an autographed credit card, royalties quickly, begin to see the newspaper the ones have reported unusual tolerance.

    Unfortunately, the sports newspaper with any product, don't always attract audiences applauded.Jia Zhang Ke's film said film is nice, but several people participate in? Perhaps this analogy doesn't seem right. "Southern Sports" and "Qiu Bao," and thus died, for me has little to complete with bad press run perfectly, largely because of the following:   One, the impact from the Internet.

    I bought many years no sports newspaper, since the network.Since the Internet can begin to see the mountains of knowledge, mass comment, why even purchase a newspaper? This isn't my personal idea, but more and much more people's voices.China's exponentially increasing quantity of Internet users, print media audience is likely to decrease exponentially. http://fifa16.vipmmobank.com