10 Traits for Being Highly Successful in any Field

  • Have you ever wondered how people become successful in any field? Some say it’s pure luck and being at the right place and at the right time matters while many people believe you have to give that extra time and effort in order to be successful. Hard work and commitment to their work is of course one of the factors but there are traits which can transform even an ordinary person into a highly successful one. But what is success? Let me first elaborate this for you.

    Success can be subjective as for some it can be earning a million dollars in a year while for a person it can be getting the coveted bonus and 10% raise in the pay. So success is most often a subjective term. In this post, I will try to list 10 of the best traits that you can apply while working in any industry or field and become uber-successful.

    1. Avoid Negative Thoughts

    Let me give you an example that I read in an article in The New Yorker. The article is basically about the games our mind play while we recall any event that happened with us in the past. While there are many positive aspects too, our minds tend to play the negative ones more often because in any difficult situation we start to relate it with another adverse situation we have been through with and have failed. And we start to believe that we aren’t good enough to do any task in a proper manner and will always fail to complete any task.

    If you want to taste success in your life, you need to recall any negative or positive thought by examining it thoroughly and try to learn something positive from it. Only in this way you’ll be able to grow as a person and as an employee, worker, manager or even a business owner.

    2. Construct a Positive Environment for Yourself

    Not directly related to the first point, it is, however somewhat similar. Success depends very much on the environment in which we live and work. However, most of us tend to ignore this fact. The workplace where you go every day and spend the majority of your time has a huge impact on your productivity and how you accomplish your daily tasks. The right environment will help you feel more engaged and enthusiastic about your work. While a negative environment will make you run away from the work and look for ways to avoid the responsibilities given to you.

    3. Know your Reason to do any Task

    For any work, start with a why. If you’ll know exactly for which purpose you are doing a task, only then you’ll be able to succeed in it over the long term. Going to your office or workplace every day without knowing exactly why you are doing a task and how you can make it more fruitful can bring a world of difference to it. You need to be curious so that you can find out the reason. Just being seen as successful may be good enough for you won’t give you exact reasons to celebrate your work in its true essence.

    4. Listen to your Gut but Don’t Follow it Vehemently

    It is not surprising that in certain situations we know the answer of a question even if it is an entirely new topic/dimension for you. We can just feel it what is right and most of us go for it by just following our gut feeling. But sometimes it is important to double-check what you are about to perform or a task as if it is based solely on emotions and without a rational reason? By the way, you need to give that emotional part of a say in the matter.

    Your rational mind also plays into your gut instinct as your intuition is based on your firsthand experiences. The best bet is to follow your guts but double check it with for logic for a rational decision in the end.

    5. Visualize your Success

    Visualization principles have been proven to do amazing work for in every field of life. In any business, you can learn from many top professionals how they have used the power to visualize and incorporating it in their work to perform to the best of their capabilities. The more clearly you’ll picture doing something in your mind, the easier it will be to work out for you. Do what you really drives you and visualizing it gives you a motivation to do it perfectly in the real life.

    6. Practice more than you Preach

    Success is a thing about which anyone can talk about even if he knows very little about or even have not tasted it. You’ll find a number of people that are ready to give you a sermon about how to do a task better or how to go about your daily routine tasks. But ask yourself; do you need all that in order to complete your task. In the same way, you also need to make sure that you are not acting in the same way.

    The intention of a person may not be to preach but eventually it is what happens when you try to guide a person with too much dedication. Keep it simple for you and for the others.

    7. Effective Communication

    This is the most obvious one in order to be successful. You need to communicate effectively in order to make your point and able to listen to others so that you know exactly what they are trying to connote. Effective communication is an art and a skill you need to perfect right form the word go. Else silly and bizarre things can happen to you at the workplace if you are not being able to communicate well with your colleagues or with the higher management.

    8. Commit to your Goals

    You always need to be on your toes so that you are able to reach your goals. To be successful, this is the primary factor you need to achieve. There is a major difference in getting involved in something and wholly committed to it. Always keep your goals in your minds and mold your work and strategies to achieve them. Dream big and make them a reality by going after them in a proper fashion and not just in a haywire way.

    9. Have a “Never Say Die” Attitude

    An imperative aspect of the success process is how you need to optimize your daily task and do them proficiently. The use of a free task management tool is the answer for some in this regard, while you also need to optimize your way of doing work. As soon as you stop trying t improve, your work life starts to stagnate as you will no longer be working towards success. Always try to develop and construct new ways of doing things so that you are right at it; become successful through every mean.

    10. Ask Questions

    Never underestimate the power of questioning so that you can know everything related to your job and how to succeed at it. Asking others for guidance and trying to get the secrets of their success is not a bad thing; there is so much value in knowing things related to your job that you will be amazed to see the results. Thee deeper your questions; the wiser you’ll become and ultimately getting close to being successful.

    Final Words

    I hope the above mentioned traits will be fruitful for you no matter what job you do or in what role. Still have some questions in mind? Or want to give your feedback? Please use the comments section below.


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