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  • Resident Evil 3, by contrast, is all about changes of scenery. Compared to RE 2, which features three main locations rsa police station, a sewer and a labrs, RE 3 moves between a factory, a restaurant, a gas station, a newspaper office, a clock tower, a hospital, a park, a cemetery and a chemical plant. It features the same variety of locations as Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 moves from a village to a castle to an island, with each area comprising several sub-areas, including a lake, a dungeon and a cave system. Rather than take time to build the atmosphere of an individual location to give Runescape players a sense of being locked in somewhere, trapped the Runescape game speeds along to the next new spot, lining up one fresh runescape gold environment after another. It's about rapidity and energy, about not letting the Runescape player's eyes and hands get tired of looking at and doing the same things. And although that requires a lot of work and creativity, and makes for a great action game, it isn't conducive to scariness.Resident Evil 6 does the same thing. In fact, it goes one further. Not only do you move between several different areas, using several different characters, in different campaigns, but there are moments where the story actually moves to another country. Leon's campaign for example starts in the US but climaxes in Japan.This sense of motion, of having the resources to travel and to survive travelling, kills the atmosphere. It's precisely what makes Nemesis the earliest example of a non-scary Resident Evil. There's no sense of oppression or claustrophobia. You're constantly moving around. Retreading your steps and repeatedly butting up against locked doors might get tedious but it calcifies a sense of being stuck, of being unable to flee from danger. The pacing of Resident Evil 3 on the other hand is all about change, change, change. There are so many different places to run to, and keys are given to you so readily, that you feel like you're able to avoid and flow around all conflict.