Zerrax took the account

  •  then be baffled by why they suddenly lose a few Runescape games in a row.There's also the other part of the Trench theory: If a Runescape player could just leave their Trench, they would thrive and have much better Runescape games. So what happens when you pair someone with an account far above their current one? Luckily, we have a test case for this as well. Zerrax rsalso from the PlayDota forumsrs, a roughly 3500-rated Runescape player, bought an account rated at around 4700 and attempted to see if they could hold their own against opponents at that skill level.Could they hang? Sort of. Though their game history shows that the account's overall win rate is just over fifty percent, Zerrax took the account over back in runescape gold early March, and you can see a clear difference: Their record after taking over is, as of this writing, 60 wins to 73 losses rsabout a 45% win raters. Though Zerrax's performance isn't as poor as some other accounts that have gone through similar changing of hands rsit seems that there's a bit of a market for people who work accounts up to around 4.5 or 5K and sell them to lower-tier Runescape playersrs, their scoreboards aren't looking too great. Numbers rarely tell the full story in a game like Dota 2, but Zerrax hasn't had too many Runescape games where they performed above the rest of their team. In Zerrax's case, it's the team aspect that skews their results by playing a supporting role, one that tends to have less impact than other roles in matchmaking, they're minimizing their role in the Runescape game to some extent, and letting their teammates do the work and pick up the slack. In short, Zerrax is not performing at the level they should be.These two experiments show that, for the most part, Valve's matchmaking is working as intended. Juice had no trouble getting to his appropriate rating, and though Zerrax may not have dropped down to their's, they're likely learning quite a lot about the Runescape game through the trial-by-fire of playing at a much higher level and keeping their impact on the Runescape games they're playing relatively low.