Room Darkening Drapes

  • Room darkening drapes were initially seen in Second World War when US citizens used to shine out the lights in homes and offices. These shades can be utilized in all weather conditions and all parts of the world. Moreover, these types of drapes are available in huge variety and can be matched or contrasted according to furniture, tiles or overall frame of the room.  The darkening drapes add elegance and decency to the room.

    Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom
    Well, the darkening blinds can be used when you want to take a nap at day time after having lunch. It can maintain an absolute temperature in the room, and it is readily helpful in the summer season. The usage of drapes helps to chill the room in less time, and air conditioners are not always affordable to be switched on. Therefore, darkening drapes can save money in one or the other. Another significant difference between standard curtains which we use in our homes and this darkening drape is that it contains 99% of darkening properties. Regular curtains provide one layer of fabric as they allow some light to enter the room.

    Blend Room Darkening Curtains
    There are two types of room darkening drapes, known as honeycomb window shades and cellular shades. Honeycomb drapes hold distinctive feature of enhancing insulation which increases energy efficiency, and it comes in mainly three layers, single, double & triple layer. These are thicker and can block maximum light plus heat.  Additionally, the darkening drapes can be found in different colors and sizes as per the size of the window of the room. Another significant use of darkening drapes can be to make a partition in a big house room, like if you want to split a room into two parts. It can be used to provide privacy also. It can get folded up when required. If you want to achieve 100% light blockage, then you can add a lining with a cellular shade.

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