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  • Gaming wow gold zones and video games are not the activities of today's world but they had their origin several years back. World of Warcraft is one of the finest and infamous games amongst various introduced in this realm by Blizzard Entertainment. This multiple player role play game was introduced to its subscribers in 1994. Since then it has gained much popularity in the midst of its players. That is why up till now, it has been extended to four major expansions or in simpler manner; classes. The first one was "Burning crusades". After that, "Wrath of the Lich King" was introduced. Then we had "Cataclysm" and now the latest one is "Mists of Pandaria" which was released in 2012.

    As the very name communicates that the game is about war and all the other gearsallied to war craft. There in it, is a fictional world known as Azeroth. This unique place has its exclusive features plus characters. Like a fairy land, it's a war land where you would find adventure, fights, quests and lots and lots of exploration of scenic beauty. Though there is a trial exposure to this game for the beginners which could be downloaded for free but to pick up a role for yourself and be the part of the game, you have to get prepaid gaming cards (which provides you a limited amount of time ) or by debit card. By either ways, to enjoy the ride you have to pay for it.

    Like any other role playing game, you are supposed to handpick a role or character whose occupation could be mining, animal skinning, herb gathering or crafting as in iron smith and so on. Likewise you could select your race, your type and of course your class. But once you have selected your race and class it cannot be changed. Well yes, but your hair style, your accessories and other things like that are adjustable by visiting their outlets. The game offers "the choice is yours" method. You could choose to have your opponent as the environment or another player in the battle field. There you would be given diverse range of tasks, certain fights, quests and combats to deal with.

    The wow leveling guide is there to help you out with your missions. In the establishment, you would be getting meeker tasks to fix that would lead you to some more complicated tasks. This is how you would be covering dissimilar levels. There are fairly a number of levels incorporated which have set rules of the combat. You could not grasp certain characteristics unless you reach that level. For instance, Death Knights are no ordinary charms. They are from hero class and you acquire them at level 55. They are ordained with extra ordinary abilities, skills, and weapons. Grouping could also be done for procuring more challenging quests.

    The more you play, the higher you will reach. The higher level you reach the better qualities your character is going to progress. So, play hard, try better and select your combat because you are ready to step in to the world of Azeroth where the battle field is your home and the warrior is you.

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