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  • Last wow gold cheap and fast Friday was a dark day for City of Heroes players and developers, with a sudden announcement from Paragon Studios that parent company NCSoft was shutting down the studio and immediately stopping all development on the venerable superhero MMORPG. NCSoft plans on ending City of Heroes completely by the end of the year, with a rumored end date of November 30th.

    Several of the developers and producers of the game began posting farewell messages on the official City of Heroes forums, each of them seeming to be resigned to a future without the game on which they had all been working right up until the moment they received the shutdown notice from NCSoft on Friday.

    But glimmers of hope began to appear. Not willing to let their beloved game go without a fight, several City of Heroes players began brainstorming for ways the game might be saved. Many of these efforts are being spearheaded by the Titan Network, a group of players who have been producing City of Heroes fan and information websites for the last several years, including the popular Paragon Wiki. Ideas range from petitioning NCSoft to rethink their decision to close Paragon Studios, to campaigns to get NCSoft to sell off the studio to another company, to player run servers or emulators. All of the Titan Network's efforts can be found here.

    Another sign of hope emerged as one of the producers of the game, known as Alpha Wolf, said via the game's Admin chat channel:

    "Sorry guys but I don't have any new update. I know Paragon management is having discussion with ncsoft and investors. Continue get people to sign online petitions, post on game forums, and just continue to make noises so ncsoft cannot ignore players."

    Although Community Manager Andy Belford cautioned players not to take the above to mean more than it says, it does offer some hope that NCSoft is at least willing to talk about the future of City of Heroes.

    If you're interested in helping to save Paragon Studios and City of Heroes, there are some things that you can do fairly easily:


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