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  • Nintendo ESO gold might introduce a diet sized 3DS with dual analog thumb nubs. No one iterates handhelds like Nintendo the company released how many versions of its DS (even before it slapped a in front of the moniker)? Its latest the3DS is kludgy looking and battery life challenged, and with the secondary control stick add on tray, it kind of a franken mess. What are the odds the company could roll out a slimmer 3DS with twin thumb sticks and improved battery life at this year show? Long, but then so were the odds on a titanic and totally unexpected $80 price cut less than half a year after the 3DS launched stateside in March 2011..

    A little more time spent with Doris, though, will uncover a warm, enjoyable romp through this retro space environment. But it'll no doubt ensure a dip into the flash gaming archives, as you discover an unbelievably detailed point and click adventure that gently pushes players to unravel the puzzling intricacies of each of the nine planets your gnome in a nightcap must explore in order to reunite a flute that has fallen from the skies with its owners. Smarts 3 capably fulfils the ambitions of developers Amanita Design in presenting a cryptic and creative bundle of challenges for you to solve, while also delivering one of the most beautiful looking app experiences to date.

    PlayStation redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization and deeply integrated social capabilities. PSNSM, that includes PlayStation delivers unparalleled online gaming experience to PlayStation users. SCEI also delivers the PlayStation experience to open operating systems through PlayStation a cross device platform.

    Microsoft recently announced that it would be restricting the game distribution where you can resell a game only through a game publisher. Also, with the Xbox One while each game can be shared, it can be shared only once. Now that happens to be extremely restrictive..

    It's been really slow here, thanks to the holiday (Labor Day). With the extra long weekend, I'm just catching up on some video games that I bought last month, but have not had a chance to play. Currently not enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4.

    PlayStation 4 is unveiled for the first time by Andrew House, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., at the PlayStation E3 press conference in Los Angeles. (PRNewsFoto/Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC)Launching in Holiday 2013 in the United States for $399 (MSRP), PlayStation 4 is the most advanced gaming system ever created. (PRNewsFoto/Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC)LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today unveiled the PlayStation (PS4 hardware design at its annual E3 Media Business Summit press conference, where the company also announced its next generation platform will launch in the United States for $399 (MSRP) this holiday season.


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