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  • ESO Gold is a ESO gold review site that lists the best places to buy Best seller eso gold. ESO Gold, As a reliable The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Store, devotes its mind to 24/7 hours excellent ESO service. The game had been taken offline earlier today, however, to launch login fixes. An official post from Zenimax revealed: "We will not be publishing a patch or any game-related fixes after tonight's maintenance - this was just to address login issues. "That said, we do have maintenance scheduled for Xbox One on Tuesday to publish the latest patch." Xbox One North American and Best price Elder Scrolls Online gold European megaservers undergo patch maintenance on July 28 at 6:00AM EDT (11:00 BST), while PS4 North American and European megaservers have patch maintenance on July 29, 6:00AM EDT (11:00 BST). Zenimax have also confirmed that they have no ETA on how long the current downtime could last for those using the North American megaserver.